8th DSTO International Conference on Health & Usage Monitoring (HUMS2013)

Chair: Roger Vodicka
Flight Systems Branch, Air Vehicles Division,
Defence Science and Technology Organisation (DSTO

Co-Chair: Graham Forsyth
Consultant and Founder of HUMS Conference for
Defence Science and Technology Organisation (DSTO)

This is the eighth in the HUMS series of Conferences conducted since 1999 by DSTO in conjunction with the Australian International Airshow. HUMS2013 featured a high quality of papers covering HUMS and CBM and other monitoring programs for helicopters, fixed-wing aircraft, land vehicles and other mechanical equipment. Techniques include a range from usage monitoring, health (condition) monitoring, rotor track and balance, vibration analysis and structural loads monitoring as well as such items as cost-benefit models and data management schemes. After the two days at the Congress venue, HUMS2013 continued on the Thursday with papers and site visit at the Airshow Conference centre at Avalon Airport near Geelong. HUMS2013 was run by a committee comprising representatives of the major areas within Air Vehicles Division of DSTO.

HUMS2013 was one of three concurrent conferences which formed AIAC-15. The following papers are listed by short title and listed presenter. Those papers marked * have been peer reviewed. Papers marked + have no written paper available.

8th DSTO International Conference on Health & Usage Monitoring (HUMS2013)

Opening HUMS Keynote – L.P. Coombes Lecture

HUMS Certification for Military Aircraft +
Air Commodore Terry Saunder, DGTA, AUSTRALIA

Session 1C - CBM Technologies

#63 Weight Optimization Using Lightweight Data Acquisition Nodes
Tom Melia, Curtiss-Wright Controls Avionics & Electronics, IRELAND

#183 Improving Passive RFID Tag Performance: Application to Rotorcraft Dynamic Component Tracking
Attilio Arcari, Technical Data Analysis, USA

#208 Localized Fault Detection and Diagnosis in Rolling Element Bearings: A Collection of the State of Art Processing Algorithms*
Nader Sawalhi, Prince Mohammad Bin Fahd University, SAUDI ARABIA

#45 Questioning How Limits Are Set*
Andrew Becker, DSTO, AUSTRALIA

Session 2C - Land Vehicles

#81 Estimating the Cost and Benefit of Land Vehicle HUMS: A Multidisciplinary Approach for In-service Fleets
Bryan McGrath, Tectonica Australia, AUSTRALIA

#104 Through Life Support Savings for Military Land Vehicles Using Health and Usage Monitoring Systems (HUMS)
Michael Bray, DMO, AUSTRALIA

Session 3C - SHM

#202 A Novel Approach for Structural Health Monitoring Using Thermoelastic Stress Analysis +

#108 Delamination Monitoring of Composite Plates using Vibration-based Surrogate Assisted Optimisation
ZhiFang Zhang, University of New South Wales, AUSTRALIA

#36 Structural Health Monitoring of Composites using System Identification Technique*
Md Younus Ali, University of New South Wales, AUSTRALIA

Second HUMS Keynote – Keynote Address 7

Challenges for Aircraft Prognostics +
Professor Nick Lieven, Bristol University, UK

Session 4C - Usage Monitoring

#139 Tools for HUMS Exploitation
Christopher Hockley, Cranfield University, AUSTRALIA

#33 Five Decades of Developing Aircraft Usage Technology
David White, Spectra Technical Solutions, Inc., USA

#29 Identification of Abnormal Event by Usage and Flight Data Monitoring*
Pierre Bect, EADS Eurocopter, FRANCE

Session 5C - Helo Technologies

#48 Scalable, Synchronized Network of Lossless Wireless Sensors for Rotorcraft Monitoring
Stephen DiStasi, MicroStrain Inc, USA

#186 Energy Harvesters for Rotorcraft Wireless Sensor Networks*
Stephen DiStasi, MicroStrain Inc, USA

#165 Integration of Load Path Analysis and Harmonic Regression for Usage Monitoring of Helicopter Dynamic Components +

Session 6C - Propulsion CM

#220 An Instrument for Assessing Metallic Wear Debris Captured by Filter Patch or Magnetic Chip Detector*
Andrew Becker, DSTO, AUSTRALIA

#221 RAAF C-130J Engine Health Management
Andrew Wade, Department Of Defence, AUSTRALIA

#233 Contributing to a Healthier Propulsion System for the Joint Strike Fighter (JSF)
Antonio Galati, DSTO, AUSTRALIA

Session 7C - Fleet Management

#205 Examining the Interaction between Condition Based Maintenance and the Logistics Supply Chain*
Guy Edward Gallasch, DSTO, AUSTRALIA

#110 Fleet Life Management Support for the NH90 Community
Lex Ten Have, National Aerospace Laboratory NLR, THE NETHERLANDS

Airshow Sessions

Super Hornet Engine Condition Monitoring Software Demonstration +

Matt Williams, TAE, AUSTRALIA

Next Generation Multi-role Recording: A Reliable, Flexible Solution +

Tom Melia, Curtiss-Wright Controls, EIRE