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AIAC14 CD of Proceedings HUMS

Seventh DSTO International Conference on Health & Usage Monitoring (HUMS2011)

CD of Proceedings

(CD includes Papers submitted for the HUMS2011 Conference)

Chair: David Forrester

Co-Chair: Graham Forsyth

This is the seventh in the HUMS series of conferences conducted since 1999 by DSTO in conjunction with the Australian International Airshow. HUMS2011 will feature a record number of conference formal papers covering HUMS and CBM and other monitoring programs for helicopters, fixed-wing aircraft, land vehicles and other mechanical equipment. Techniques included range from usage monitoring, health (condition) monitoring, rotor track and balance, vibration analysis and structural loads monitoring as well as such items as cost-benefit models and data management schemes.

After the two days at the Congress venue, HUMS2011 will continue on the Thursday with papers and site visit at the Airshow conference centre at Avalon Airport near Geelong. HUMS2011 is run by a committee comprising representatives of the major areas within Air Vehicles Division of DSTO.

Fourteenth Australian International Congress Incorporated Conferences:

- Fourteenth Australian Aeronautical Conference

- Seventh DSTO International Conference on Health & Usage Monitoring (HUMS2011)

- Third Asia-Pacific International Symposium on Aerospace Technology (APISAT 2011)